Poker Strategy

Poker is unique in the gambling world because it is the only game that is not hopelessly rigged against the players. Unlike roulette, craps, and slot machines, poker is a game in which the best players have a great chance to win over time. While it is true that anything can happen on a given hand or a particular night, the mathematics of poker guarantee that in many cases the best players will win in the end.

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What must a poker player do to be considered the best? Put simply, the player with the greatest understanding of the game and the discipline to execute that understanding will profit over time. Fortunately, players do not need to be the best in the world, only better than the average player at their table. The difference between a player and the average strength of the table they are playing at is their “edge”. The greater the edge, the greater a player’s expected profitability over time.

In order to develop an edge, you must first think like a professional. Professional poker players do not look at poker as gambling, they treat it like a business. Professionals will often spend as much time studying and thinking about poker as they do actually playing the game. They understand the importance of developing a coherent poker strategy, which includes knowing how and when to exploit their position at a table, how and when to raise, re-raise, or fold, and when to alter their game when opponents adapt to their play style. They also know how to identify and exploit different player types, whether they are drunk amateurs or overconfident grinders.

Professionals know the game of poker inside and out. Fortunately, they don’t achieve this only due to innate talent. Poker is a game where constant study of strategy and relentless practice can turn almost any struggling amateur into a feared shark.

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