Poker Bonus & Poker Promotions

Here are online poker rooms offering the best bonuses and promotions for new and existing players. Take a look at these sites and you can benefit from the most attractive offers in the industry.

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About Poker Promotions & Bonuses

Poker sites usually offer special poker bonuses and promotions to all of their players. When you play your cards right these promotions can make you a whole load of money regardless of whether you are a pro or just starting out. From the perspective of the sites it makes sense to offer a great poker promotion or bonus as they encourage players to spend longer at the tables and increase their membership. It’s important to remember that the sites don’t have an interest in their players losing money; in fact it’s in the interest of the site for players to win. Since the sites make their money through charging a fee for each tournament and rake for each hand played at the cash table, the longer a player sits down the more money the site makes. This means that it can be in your interest to work with the goals of the site rather than against them.

Poker Welcome Bonus

The best example for this is the welcome bonus. The leading poker sites will always have a great poker welcome bonus to offer their players. The bonus is a great way for the poker room to lure players into their gates and a wonderful way for the players to increase their starting funds in the room of their choice.

Refer a Friend Bonus

Another great example is the ‘refer a friend’ poker bonuses that sites offer. The specifics vary but the idea is the same; if you ‘refer’ a friend to the site and they deposit money you get paid. Usually the new player has to earn a few points in order to claim their entire poker bonus but they will invariably get something for their efforts and so will you as the player who has referred them. This is a great bonus, as you don’t even require any playing skills to win it.

Comp Points

The fundamental building blocks of poker promotions offered by the sites are player points. These points are determined by the amount of rake and fee that a player pays the site. The more you play the more points you get. These points generally allow the player to do 2 things; buy in to exclusive, points only tournaments and to exchange them for money and or products at the site’s store. Sites often run points races meaning that each player will be ranked according to the amount of points that they make over a short period of time, say a month. The winners of these races are rewarded with cash prizes and entry to various tournaments. The great thing about these races is that you don’t have to come first in order to win a nice prize, often even if you come 200th you can expect to get a free token to a tournament.

Always check out your site’s poker promotions page and take an interest on what’s on offer as you really can benefit from what they are offering.

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