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Anyone who has played even a little poker knows that this game is not something you can just “win”. Above all this is a game of numbers, mathematics and psychology. That’s why players who base their entire strategy on a hunch usually find themselves on the losing end of the table. It’s true that at times following a hunch can work, but an accurate and fast calculation of the probabilities of poker is at the end of the day, the best way to pave your way to victory.

Texas Holdem, the most popular poker variant is designed to eliminate the luck factor of the game almost completely. If you’re not – like a lot of professional players – a trained mathematician, then you’re always at a disadvantage, especially at the high stakes tables.

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That’s where you can let poker odds calculators, like the one created by, do the work for you. All you have to do is enter the value of your hole cards and community cards to the app and get a range of helpful information, including your chances to win the hand. Sounds good? It is. Here are 3 more reasons why the poker calculator is an essential tool when you play online poker.

It gives you more room for the game

If you’re not just an acrobat with numbers, then calculating your chances of winning without a poker odds calculator will take up a lot of your time in the game. This leaves less time for everything else – strategy, pot odds, psychology and even fun. The computer will give you important time for everything else you have to do at the table – and without losing the effectiveness of odds calculations.

Play your cards like a Pro

One look at the calculator will provide you with the result of a calculation that is very complicated to perform in the heat of the moment. It is not as if you could quietly spend hours calculating – you have to have quite a lot of experience and discipline to correctly calculate each hand. One always sees miscalculation in the online poker rooms, especially from new and amateur players. Using the app will assure you are not in a disadvantage on this front.

You get all the information you need

The poker odds calculator will give you not only your chances of winning. Many of the apps will provide you with additional key data that can help you improve your game. Much of this data may appear useless at first glance, but with time you will learn that any piece of information can be useful. For example, even if you plan to build a consistent player profile you will need all the information about your game that you can get. The Calculator can help you.

For more specific information about poker odds calculators, read our reviews of the most popular calculators in the market.

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