PokerStars BOOM Review

The past few months have been especially hectic for Pokerstars. They have been trying to push the release of their new, innovative client – BOOM. It was initially available only in selected countries, including Italy and France and for the members of Team PokerStars. Last week a beta version of BOOM was finally released to all PokerStars players worldwide.

The tool lets you build your own poker hand replayer, so you can replay your hands over and over again. You can also publish your results in social media sites like Twitter or in your own personal blog. Facebook, unfortunately is not available for BOOM users, as it forbids any activity that is related to real money games on its platform. The BOOM client is similar to existing tools like However it offers a lot of new features, especially in terms of integration to the social media sites. You can also share your hands directly on also offers a number of additional interesting features: a search function that lets you browse the site by fellow poker fans or particularly interesting posts. Of course there are also many useful filters like most discussed, most viewed, most popular hands, date.

Such a complex social media client cannot be launched without any difficulties. Lags and crashes may appear for some computers, especially the older ones. But the technology professionals at PokerStars are working hard on the improvement of their newest innovation – BOOM.